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John Libor

Is there a way to get email updates of this blog, without subscribing to a web feed, every time there's a new post on this very inspiring blog!!!

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Jose A Vanderhorst S (@gmh_upsa)

Thank you John for an outstanding post on context.

As a result of the Big Shift, which I renamed as the Computing Big Shift, by learning from you and also, for example, from Carlota Pérez and Alvin Toffler contradictions, I have continued to develop Toffler´s Third Wave as the Systemic Civilization, while doing thought experiments based mainly of heuristic systems architecting. Different from the industrial civilization that Carlota though had a fifth technological digital revolution, which you now seems to disagree with, we are now able to deal with many new concepts with the word system, like complex adaptive systems.

One heuristic (lesson learned) that I used to teach in Introduction to Engineering back in 1980s, and have been repeatedly using since then, is written, for example, as “Sometimes, but not always, the best way to solve a difficult problem is to expand the problem, itself.” I was fortunate to learn back in 1996, when I was contracted to address the electric power industry situation of the Dominican Republic was the article “Managing the metaphors of change,” by Robert J.Marshak.

Marshak told us that there are 4 kinds of changes, which I saw were on increasing scope: 1) fix and maintain; 2) developmental; 3) transitional; and 4) transformational. While the first 3 kinds of changes depend on context, in the transformational scope, I have been able to concentrate on the non contextual essence of the new era, whch explains why I didn’t need any collaboration, as can be seen in my response "Taking #GlobalDebout on a first come, first serve, basis to the #BG_NS ( https://medium.com/@gmh_upsa/taking-globaldebout-on-a-first-come-first-serve-basis-to-the-bg-ns-f63e32a0c392 )“ to “How Social Media Took Us from Tahrir Square to Donald Trump” by Zeynep Tufekci.


John, what an insight and how precious a detailed framework this is for a whole AGE.

I want to use this to invert the crooked lawyers industry in Malaysia.

Look forward to your occasional advice.

#spiritofponnamal #wretched_indian_malaysian_lawyers #gebrahh #1MDB_copycat_crimes #pathmini_terrorism #surendra_ananth_grandfather_kidnap


'Context is worth 80 IQ points.' -- Alan Kay

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