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Another really interesting piece on a topic that deserves careful attention IMO. I highly echo with what I think is a central element of your reflection: "perhaps our spiritset emerges from energy forces that we don’t yet fully understand, but that are a very real part of our universe. [...] perhaps this is just one other dimension inviting our attention" commonly described as woo-woo land for Western societies that fail to recognize anything that can't be scientifically explained (yet) and therefore fail to provide adequate support for any of the stages of human development in that direction. Yet, I deeply believe (and my experience seems to prove it already) that individuals able to surf on that spiritual dimension will be the ones thriving in tomorrow's society.


Another great article John. Great new word. I believe in interconnectedness and the energy you talk about is very real. When I work with clients I look for what you call spiritset. It is a joy to assist them to uncover it. Once it is unleashed it cannot be contained and magical things happen. Thank you.

Joella Bruckshaw

No I don’t think you have over done it! Spirit set energy is something I always look for in the people I work with. I use images to side step the intellectual and purely emotional and access the intuition. This frees them to tell me who they are and where they are going in life. The transformation is remarkable!

Michelle Gaugy

John - I love this new vocabulary. I think it's succinct, accurate and hence, useful. It's also about damn time someone not only came up with it, but articulated its need. I have been speaking for years about The Time of Rejoining, which I believe we are entering. Thank you for this.

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