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Bill Plotkin's Nature and the Human Soul covers similar ground in great depth, using -- instead of masculine and feminine archetypes -- ego-centric and soul-centric (or similar eco-centric) as basic attitudes to the world around us. His framework details 8 life stages and how the differing attitudes deal with the challenges and potential gifts each stage brings. http://www.natureandthehumansoul.com/

Charles Donkor

Like the distinction between masculine and feminine archertypes. One dimension is missing in my opinion: vulnerability. This will be probably associated to feminine archetype. Only if you accept to be vulnerable and allow others to see it, only then are you able to connect with others emotionally. And this is also the key to change. When people have anxieties and fears going through change we tend to communicate (and try to convince them) on a rational level. And this cannot work. We need to connect with their feelings and for that we need to show our own vulnerability and with that our own heart.

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