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Sir I am librarian in a biggest Library Africa and i would like to have the book in our Library How can i access it via virtue library Interesting Book

Stefano Micelli

dear John, twenty years ago we all believed that digital consumers would be able to aggregate in learning communities. your book "net gain" was able to open up new ways of thinking about relations between businesses and consumers. the infomediaries of which you speak were part of this new scenario: they would have acquired and managed information to better manage relations with companies. I agree with you that the success of advertising and commission-based business models have contributed to a different destiny. instead of putting themselves at the service of individuals and communities, the start-ups of the past decade have preferred to refine manipulation techniques that have relegated the consumer to a passive role, easily circumventable thanks to communication techniques based precisely on the main cognitive limits of individuals. in the last twenty years the idea of ​​online communities has disappeared: today communities are simple aggregates of followers to whom "influencers" propose more or less explicit advertising messages. the very idea of ​​subjectivity has disappeared: at least once consumers were considered rational, today not even that.
I read with great interest your proposal for new generation infomediaries based on trust (as I read and commented with great interest on your books twenty years ago). let me add a point. after all this time I suggest to reflect on a broader perspective: it is not simply a question of proposing innovative business models (to which, however, I believe a lot) but also of signaling the social and cultural need for a change of scenery. what we have seen in so many years is the opposite of what we had imagined twenty years ago. if I am appalled by the errors of prediction we have committed it is not out of intellectual vanity but because the world in which we live presents dangers that we have not been able to anticipate. the infomediaries of which you speak can be very useful for the economy, but also for politics, society, sport and much more. their interest should be emphasized not only as a possible path for new start-ups but as a way out of a blind alley in which we got ourselves out without too much awareness.
I'd like to know your opinion about it

Stefano Micelli

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