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Good information straight to the Point keep it up

Kelvin Scoon

I would like to subscribe. But when I click SUBSCRIBE I am taken to an Index file. I don't know how to proceed when I open the Index File.

Richard Mains

My grandfather apprenticed to a blacksmith/carpenter, my grandmother to a cook in a lumber camp - both at a young age. They both made careers or excelled in those areas all their lives. Observing someone working and communicating doing something they love and then joining in with them can be inspiring. It's a good way to test an opportunity for yourself and build trust with your teacher and others. I'm a great believer in hands-on and observational learning. Our monkey ancestors learned this way too. Opportunity-based narratives are powerful and need to be fostered. Thanks John.

Greg Keeling

John, wonderful post. I said the same thing (albeit much less eloquently) just the other day. We have an abundance of channels to communicate, to receive and share information and to become informed and yet we have less and less perspective, less interest in alternative views and less willingness to engage in dialogue. It is not just a paradox, it's a tragedy.

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