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You mention learning in small workgroups. Are they scalable? Can we have enormous habitats of many small workgroups working on a new problem? Something like AmericaSpeaks' 21st Century Town meetings, but not just in one place on one day? How do you get everyone in a large organisation to take part in a learning activity (e.g. in an offline and online political party conference)?

Chuck Pezeshki

Solid. Creating scaled learning environments is imperative, and what I've done with my career. But it hasn't been easy, because that shifting between scales causes dissonance with the mentally inflexible. A longer conversation for sure.

Morten Dalum

Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed reading this blog post. I absolutely agree that Institutions must build a learning culture that creates new knowledge and that learning should not be seen as an expense - and not an opportunity - but a mission critical challenge. Zoom in and out for strategy can be a way to link it.

We have build a digital platform that does exactly what you explain here. It creates new knowledge in an uncertain world linked directly to the strategy. The methodology is called Challenge Based Development and our platform is called Acadal.

Happy to share more info 😀

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