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James W. Sanderson


Thanks for another very insightful post.

Your approach, at least to my understanding, to "The Big Shift" is quite refreshing to the past and current mindset of most institutions...command and control. The concerns about the accelerating pace of change is on their radar, but as you indicate,few are doing anything about the imperative of confronting the reality of "The Big Shift" and relinquishing the limiting command & control mentality. I live in a small rural community in the western U.S. and sense that rural communities are feeling the effects of "The Big Shift", but have no idea of what is happening; very frustrating environment to identify problems and pursue opportunities.

I could go on and on...but you are more familiar and aware of the institutional environment than I am. Thanks for providing a contrarian viewpoint. As one mid 20th century psychiatrist observed..."the opposite of of courage is not cowardice, it is conformity".
Please continue your research and insights with your associates on how to deal with the unlimited problems and opportunities of accelerating change..."The Big Shift".

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