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Using leadership is illuminating, but I believe this post is a rough sketch of the coming paradigm "inflection point." A depiction of the stark alteration of leadership behavior as will be required, at the precise moment when the present order -ends- and the what has strained to replace the present, alternative order -begins-.
For me, the fail has come into direct view now. The alternative is also coming into focus. The current turmoil is forcing a potential critical mass to arrived with you John. And, I really, really like the rough sketch your making and only hope that the full paradigm canvas, once fully fleshed out, holds true to your envisioned form. Excellent post!


Great post John. This links to work that I've been exploring in the Vertical Development space, helping people expand not just what they think but also how they think Complexity, sensemaking etc). I wondered if VD specifically is something you are thinking about? More information for anyone interested here: http://www.richardhughesjones.com/vertical-development/

Terry Heaton

Love this, John. Two things: Henry Adams wrote, "The way of nature is change. Order is the dream of man." That fits nicely here. Also, strong recommend for Abraham Zaleznik's Harvard paper, "Managers and Leaders: Are They Different?" The answer is yes, and I think his personality work is vital today. We've "managed" our way into corners that we'll never "manage" our way out of. We need leaders in charge everywhere.

I also love paradoxes, and my favorite is the paradox of prosperity, that discontent increases with opportunities for acting on it.

Keep up the great and important work.

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