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Tutor Bee

Hi Greetings
Thanks for sharing the post. I really appreciate your work. Keep doing the same.


Thanks for the article. I will share the pyramid with my students.


Wow, this is an amazing post. Informational content and very helpful for me.

Ayeesha Kanji

Insightful and excellent article. Thank you.

Psle chinese

Very good described by learning pyramid. It is a very informative article. Thanks for sharing.


This article is very inspiring. Without passion, there will be a limitation to how far we can go. If we keep an open mind and stay curious, it's possible to learn something new every day.

John Tim

Wow, it was a good read! knowledge is power, learnt so much here.


This learning pyramid plays an important part in everyone's life to being succesful. The contents which you presented in pyramid structure skills,knowledge, capability and passion all should be main objective of student's life while learning. So students should follow this pyramid structure and let explore their passion.

Marty Abrahamson

Phil R, in response to your comment above or perhaps to build on it... - it makes sense to me that "improvement values" must be defined for humans - humans in the field of AI, humans interested in figuring out what makes them tick, drives them and what fuels their passions. The brightest burning and most enduring passions it seems to be, are driven by great purpose. In AI it would seem that machines programmed to be free thinking (or allowed to learn things on their own without a directive) could be programed to give priority or greater value to different purposes. Certainly we need to understand what makes free thinking robots tick so that we can understand how to control them. People given the power to create evil robots(those with their priorities out of order or a messed up value system) could be as dangerous to mankind as people given the power to create nuclear weapons. So certainly Elon Musk's concerns are valid. I can't imagine he of all people however sees this as a reason to stop forging ahead in AI, quite the opposite. So I want to say thanks for your comment.
To John's(the author's) point- which I believe to be in harmony with yours - If we as human beings don't work to understand and develop our passions we certainly will not become more intelligent. So thank you John for this fantastic article and work. It's also my first introduction to you and I look forward to reading more.

-Marty Abrahamson

Phil Radcliffe

Elon Musk has indicated that AI is the greatest danger we face. Most heuristic AI models are goal driven where today's solution is an "improvement" over yesterday"s solution. The difficulty is in determining and measuring improvement and improvement values. Productivity of some type is generally employed but that can be dangerous as Mr. Musk warns.

Jamshid Mobasser

Very instructive article,it would be more if reslistic everyday example is mentionef

Howard Fields

John: Great post. I’ve been reading your books and articles for at least 20 years and always enjoy your take on things. This article is the most important advice people in the workforce need to hear today. The key to success is learning how to learn and then doing so with increasing efficiency over time. Thanks.

Stacy Gjetnes

Hi John,

This is the first article of yours I've read and it's outstanding. I completely agree with you and this concept really is a (needed) game changer. It's ironic because growing up, I thought you could follow your passion OR make a good pay check and I have found that you NEED to follow your passion TO make the best paycheck. Thank you for sharing. I am excited to read many more of your articles.

-Stacy Gjetnes

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